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  • Carbon Auto Theft
  • Slither IO
  • Motorbike Racer 3D
  • Grand Theft Counter Strike
  • GTA: Crime City 3D
  • Candy Crush
  • GTA: Crime City 2

Run Jerry Run

Tom has caught Jerry stealing a block of cheese from the fridge. Help Jerry reach his mouse hole before Tom catches up to him. Tap the space bar to jump over obstacles that come into Jerrys path. Tap once for a single jump. Tap twice a double jump.Beware! Tom will catch Jerry if he falls five times. Collect the pieces of cheese to win points and a delightful snack for Jerry. Ready ! Run!

  • Temple Run
  • Carbon Auto Theft 2
  • Desert Rifle 2
  • Temple Run
  • Fruit Slasher
  • Subway Surfers Online
  • Stealth Sniper
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